Plea for Help

I am sharing this picture that tells us that aside from the cities of Ormoc and Tacloban, there are other visayan areas that are in desperate need of help too. Kindly share this picture so that organizations, individuals and even the government would take notice of these areas.



And aside from identifying this areas which also need help, here’s another one from the Philippine Red Cross:



Any kind and amount of help will do. Please let us help our brothers and sisters in Visayas.



Thank you from the Philippines!

Relief and aid are pouring from different countries. We might as well say a huge THANK YOU for the countries, individuals, and organizations who made an effort to send relief and aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Here is a grateful image from Twitter.



Tacloban City: Images of Decimation

I have been reading articles sprawled all over the net, pertaining to the damages brought by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and I came across from this one You may click the link here and toggle the slider to see the before and after images of Tacloban City.

I also came across a storm comparison between Haiyan and other storms in recent memory. In terms of power, its Haiyan who holds the devious title.

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The Philippines: Heaven and Hell

This week has been both heaven and hell for the Philippines. Hell because our country has endured the devastation of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the crumbly Bohol province as well as the adjacent provinces of Cebu and Panay. It destroyed multitudes of old churches that dates back to the Spanish times, particularly the well-known churches of Loboc, Looc, Baclayon, Daquit etc. The oldest basilica in our country – the minor basilica of Sto. Nino in Cebu have suffered damages in its belfry and have been closed for restoration / renovation. There are a lot of people dead during the earthquake but the most affected were the old churches who finally crumbled to the seismic force of the earth. People were mourning for the loss of their historic tourist spots, for it is not history that is lost but also the potential tourist income from those well-treasured structures.

The remains of Loboc Church in Bohol
Photo credits:


But unfortunately, it seems that mother nature is indeed a bitch for this year. A couple of days ago, the country again was devastated with one of the strongest storm in recorded history. Typhoon Haiyan (local name, Yolanda) amassed strength that surpassed those of a category 5 hurricane. Some experts observed that the storm may have belonged to a mythical category 6-7, it has been the strongest storm for this year and its strength is greater than hurricane Katrina and Sandy.

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On Suspensions, Plagiarism and Never Ending Corruption

On Suspensions:

In the news, we are hearing that there will be no classes in most cities of NCR by tomorrow to give way to a medical mission to be conducted by the INC (Iglesia ni Cristo). Then on Tuesday, it will be still no classes, this time, for the rest of the country because of the celebration of the Muslim Eid il Adha.

The freedom to hold activities and exercise them in relation to our religious beliefs is mandated in our Bill of Rights. I do recognize the different religions existing in our country. But I have reservations with this medical mission suspension.

Why? It is my first time to hear such. Second, the event is scheduled on a Monday where all of the metro is trying to inch their way in the traffic in order to go to their work and schools. So we can imagine the possible traffic chaos this event might bring. Third, the school calendar has suffered a lot of suspensions which is already a nuisance to teachers trying to catch up with their lectures and exams. And lastly, there are other venues or provinces that may need more of that medical attention that NCR.

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Caveats of Being Youthful

Earlier this morning, I was about to ride the elevator to reach the 4th floor of the building. I was on a hurry to conduct my classes so I have to do some brisk walking in order to beat the long queue in the elevator. Unfortunately, a group of noisy female high school students rushed towards the elevator (to which I was in), all giggly and hurrying to beat the elevator door so that their teacher will not see them.

I was annoyed by the antics of the students so I pressed the hold button and said “Could you please tone down your voice?” (Pwede bang wag kayong maingay?). I am about to continue my remark towards “Wag nga kayong maligalig” when suddenly their high school teacher swayed them from taking the elevator. The students came out and the teachers came in, together with a disabled student.
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Ms. World 2013: Megan Young


Ms. Philippines candidate, Megan Young has been crowned as the Miss World 2013. Congratulations Megan! Your dream of becoming a beauty queen has finally come true.

Its another happy day in the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Megan!!