Yes folks. You are not dreaming. Dare to Speak Out is back. I have been on a hiatus for over 2 years due to some life events that happened to me (yes, that only confirms that I have a life outside the interwebs) which made it difficult for me to blog.

But now that I am now able to manage my time and due to some life event again, I am back to where I started – here in the interwebs, blogging about the stuff I know. In the previous DTSO, the blog had become quite political which attracted a modest number of readers. I also became engaged with the Barrio Siete folks which up until now, I enjoy exchanges with – you know, ideas, comments, opinions and the casual okray about your life and what is happening to you.

DTSO will stay true to what it has been previously – casual posts, not too much high-fallutin’ words to alienate the common juan, the usual angst and sarcastic filled post that required you to take Aprovela and cold water before you read and of course, life in fun and in bloody general.

I am no formal writer – well, I can write formally and technically if you like. But most of the times, I refuse to do so, because that is what I do in my work. Blogging offers me to write casually and to be understood by whoever reads my write ups. Its like having a conversation between you and me (and lots of coffee in between). No jargons. Just plain old casual and colloquial words.

I will try my best to give at least a post or two everyday. Basta wag lang may sisira sa blogging schedule ko. LOL. For the meantime, tolerate first my renovation schemes. I am yet to dress this baler up.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

See you in my next posts! Ciao!


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