Million People March against Pork Barrel

Philippine OFWs – seamen in this picture, showing their outrage towards pork barrel.

Today, its the start of the million people march against pork barrel. To tell you the truth, one of the reasons why I returned to blogging is my utmost disgust to the way our government does the public spending and allocation of the taxes that they collect from the people.

I may not be able to physically join the people in Luneta but in spirit and utmost disgust, they are not alone. However, the way I see the events and what are the possibilities that might happen afterwards, I have been skeptic at the start. I am always reminded of the events that have happened during the Edsa Dos – a large collaboration of groups that came into one place and eventually lead to the ouster of Erap Estrada.

I believe that an organized mass protest is like an orchestra. You may have different instruments, different tunes but you have to render music in one harmony and melody. Otherwise, if this does not happen, the orchestra will fail to deliver the music that the audience wanted to hear.

Another reason why I am also skeptic is the appearance of the politicians who are hugging the spotlight and stating their anti-pork barrel KUNO stand. They have agendas of their own and mind you, they belong to the corrupt system and most likely enjoyed the benefits. Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung baket ang mga public servants kuno na ito e yumayaman as they serve their terms? Some of them would even kill para lang manalo o mare-elect sa kanilang posisyon?

One article that I have read, written by a lawyer and poet who says that he is also skeptic of this rally too, calling it a headless chicken.

The pork barrel system is just a manifestation of a bigger problem. It is like a big gaping wound which is a manifestation of a systemic infection that is crippling the body. I am also for the abolishment of the pork barrel system – not the one that PNOY did. What the president did is like rebranding the PDAF into a new name. Abolish the pork barrel and implement a strict structure of allocation, disbursement and liquidation of public funds.  Just like what we do in our private offices that every cent of our budget is well accounted for. Heck, kahit resibo sa bus e talagang sinasama sa liquidation just to show where the money went.

Another thing is the passage of the Freedom of Information bill. The FOI bill is one of our safeguards against corruption and our weapon towards achieving transparency and good governance. This will let the people be aware of public spending and scrutinize every detail of it. Kung ang mga nanay natin binubusisi tayo sa paggastos ng baon natin, why not can we scrutinize the government on the way it spends our money?

In essence, we, the people are the government. We have the powers of the government. The monkeys that you elect during elections are just representatives of your power as people. They are not the gods of some sort. We have the power. We have the rights.  Therefore, we have every right to show our disgust and outrage about these bozos in public offices in their way they spend our taxes – our hard earned money.

So talagang hindi ako naniniwala na mahirap ang Pilipinas. Fuck that shit. Imagine kung ilang billions pa ang pork barrel na ito. Bwakananginang yan.

More later folks!




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