On Past and Regrets


I will take a break from writing about the political situation here in the Philippines. I have woke up at 2AM PST (PHL standard time) and as I flip through the usual internet stuff that I read, I happen to come across this one:

“Most people don’t regret the past. They regret the time they wasted with the wrong people.”

The quote suddenly rung a bell in my head, sort of bringing back memories that I honestly wanted to erase from my head. Oh well, regrets. Everybody has it. I bet mine is a little bit bigger than yours.

But I try look at life in a quite different picture now, with the lessons I learned the hard way.

“Choose the battles and people that are worth fighting for.”

Not to mention, the ones who will keep fighting with you. Not for you but with you.

I used to say that in my age, I sufficiently knew the lessons that life has to offer. Guess I was wrong. Life is one big bitch. Her lessons will just keep on coming to you and she just wont stop. Damn.

Just my thoughts on this reflective sunday.

Photo credits here.


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