The Philippine Political Telenovela


Politics here in the Philippines are more dramatic than your casual soap opera. There are a lot of characters involved, lots of hideous villains, stupefying action scenes and few surprise moments that will make your eyes roll.

If Jose Rizal was alive today, he may have mentioned that the fooliticians today are more capable of writing a good soap script than him.

Let’s face this folks: the way I see the drama unfold in the Janet Napoles cum Pork Barrel telenovela has some more twisted ends and plots in between. I can smell a hideous plan in this plot and the so-called protagonists may have been accomplices of the villain as well.

Napoles surrendered to the President shortly after posting the 10M reward. And I wonder about her sudden access to the president. Even the Department of Justice and the National Bureau of Investigation spent two weeks looking for her.

Another thing is the special treatment. I must say that it is insulting to the Filipino prisoners who are trying to survive in stinking and mundane prison facilities. And this pork barrel queen managed to have an air conditioned cell of her own.

I have been to prisons and more recently in a women’s correctional facility in the metro. I have seen their plight and heard their stories too. Janet Napoles should be there and the prisoners who try their best to survive on a day to day basis, together with a glimmer of hope for their freedom, should have been treated better.

I even sometimes wish that the capital punishment for corruption here is death penalty.

Personally, I do not like what I am seeing in the news today. Because I have a hunch that this is just another moro moro in the Philippine political arena, designed to make the Filipinos dumber than an idiot.

Let us be vigilant. Keep our eyes peeled.

See you in my next post.

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