Rats and Harry Potter Magic

Voldemort can sense the possible ending of this Janet Napoles tale.

Its Monday again here in the Philippines and after the weekend rest, here we go again to our usual cup of tea in politics. Recently, most of the TV networks are engrossed with the transfer of Janet Napoles to Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and even with the installation of a CCTV in her cell.

There’s another report that Janet had also experienced anxiety attacks during the first few days of stay in her posh and comfy prison cell. I mentioned it posh and comfy because in comparison to the common prisoners in other detention centers, hers is definitely way better.

But with all of the hoola in her surrender and the mob of memes pertaining to her now legendary mugshot, I begin to wonder about this case. It seems that there is something really off with this controversy and I can see the hint of its possible ending. Nope, spare the fucking wheelchair joke please.

I have few hypotheses that ran into my mind recently. Granted that Madam Janet is the tip of the iceberg (as also mentioned by Prof. Solita Monsod), here are the following hypotheses that my brain keeps on toying with:

A. Janet Napoles is a decoy – so that the real puppet master of this controversy will be able to flee the country through the backdoor, together with his lion’s share of the money

B. Janet Napoles is a diversionary tactic – so that the involved crocs will be able to buy some time to stash away their monies. Let’s say they will have enough time to hide the money through international accounts to which our country will never be granted access to. You know, oppa marcos style.

C. Or whatever I am thinking right now about the Napoles scam will eventually come true, even the possibility of being acquitted in the future.

I am also wondering why Janet has a bounty of 10M in her head even though her case is illegal detention. Baket di pa siya sinasampahan ng kasong plunder?

Why the NBI didnt found her for 2 weeks? Why did she resurfaced immediately (wala pang 24 hours yun) after the bounty was posted?

These people in the government always thought that us, the common juan, are stupid enough to believe and jive with their political telenovela. But then again, they should take precaution – they cannot fool the people all the time.

Most likely right now, PNOY might be doing his own brand of pest control – getting rid of the skunks and rats in his house. And he has to nab them before they steal away his food supply. We should keep our eyes peeled and our minds open to the possibilities folks because anything can happen right now, especially with a dose of Harry Potter magic to make us believe in their fucking false stories.

Oh I’d wish that we have that Avada Kedavra spell to wipe out those corrupt fooliticians.

See you then in my next posts.



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