Sex and the Scandals

Just dumb. So epic dumb, you bloody wannabe porn stars…


The influx of modern devices and technology today provided a different road for the sexually adventurous. Practically anyone, if he or she wishes, could become an amateur porn star. Gone are the betamax and VHS days of porn. Now comes porn in an instant – cellphone cameras recording, youtube videos uploading and porn websites downloading.

And in this sense, some of our well known celebrities have been embroiled in scandals of their own.

These personalities are exposed to us on a daily basis. There are times that some of our youth would emulate them as well. But knowing that they are public persona, with images and reputations to protect, how come they succumb to such frivolous acts?

Man, by nature is a sexual animal. Libido is a force in our lives, as defined in psychological literature. Libido serves a biological and evolutionary role – to help man reproduce his own and continue the lineage.

However, the post modern interpretation of the libido has revolved around fornication and sexual gratification. And this has been truly amplified by a plethora of porn sites that we can find in the interwebs.

Can we consider the proliferation of sex scandals as a degradation of our moral fabric? Yes. There are times that we don’t understand why some people would resort to these kinds of acts. Maybe they get superb arousing sensations whenever they see themselves in their own private movie. Maybe it could be their own brand of sexual adventure. But then again, we have to remind ourselves that no matter how satisfying and orgasmic our sex lives might have been, it is still best to leave them in the four corners of our bedroom.

Can we consider the involvement of such celebrities as a matter of publicity stunt? Yes. In the world of showbiz, bad publicity is still publicity. But then again, we are aware that bad publicity comes with its own caveats.

Can we consider sex videos as a form of exploitation of women? Yes. Kasi naman ang tanong dyan, ano bang nawawala sa lalake kung sila ang nasa sex video? Call me a feminist but women are more harrassed and exploited when they are seen in a sex video. These videos, when uploaded in the internet, will present a greater difficulty of deleting them. Its like having an equivalent feeling of being raped or exploited all over again whenever it is downloaded or viewed.

Can we consider people in the sex videos as sick in the head? No. But it could be a manifestation of a much bigger problem. My advise is that they should see a shrink for their pototoy problems. Voyeurism or exhibitionism are manifestations of psychosexual disorders. We can say that at some point, these people might need a dose of counseling or therapy.

I do hope that these people would realize the moral and social implications of their sexual adventures, provided that our country is a conservative one when it comes to the topics involving sex. In the Philippines, sex is bordering to nearly a taboo to a source of jokes. I guess, it will be really best to leave our sexual experiences to the comfort of our own bedroom.

Otherwise, if these celebrities would like to start a career as a porn star, then perhaps, their sex scandals could be their own demo tape to porn fame.



I couldn’t bear to watch these videos further lalo na yung kay Wally Bayola dahil sagwa talaga. We know that we cant be astute moralists at all times but please, show some decency naman. Jusko.




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