Senatorial Melodrama

The old times with Janet Napoles

Over this week, we have heard the lady rants of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada pertaining to the allegations that he was one of the senators who received their croc’s share from the pork barrel. Now taking the stage and going on with his melodrama, Sen. Estrada challenged his fellow legislators that they should also come out and expose their own garbage instead of exposing others.

But the question is, “sino ba namang magnanakaw ang magpapahuli sa ginawa nyang krimen?”

In his melodramatic speech that would even put Homer to shame, he cited names that are also connected with the pdaf scandal and further adding allegations to these senators receiving 50 million pesos after the conviction of the former Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona. In fact, he mentioned even the name of Miriam Defensor Santiago as one of the senators who received such cash. Correct me if I am wrong since my ears are having a hard time hearing his lady rants. Ugh.

So in essence, instead of using his privilege speech to clear his name from the plunder allegations against him and also shedding more light into this dark episode in Philippine governnance, Sen. Estrada chose the ignorant road: started pointing fingers and sling mud to his fellow legislators. Unbecoming of a senator eh? To think that these guys have spend x number of years in the senate and only to find out that even an average college student is definitely smarter than them. Some of these so called legislators have accustomed to warming their butts and not rekindling their flame for public service as they have promised during elections. Heck, some of them have lost their balls and principles on standing in favor of the public’s good welfare.

Promises are always meant to be broken, whether in our daily lives and in politics. It takes strength of character to uphold and commit to such promise. Unfortunately, only a handful of people nowadays know the essence of keeping a promise. Sa dami ba naman ng epokrito dito sa mundong ito, asa pa tayo.

Let me share to you my key points in Sen. Estrada’s so-called privilege speech:

1. If you could remember your Logic classes, particularly, fallacies, Sen. Estrada’s speech is full of argumentum ad hominem fallacies. Ad hominems are fallacies that correspond to personally attacking other people while diverting the attention of the people from the true topic. Certainly, we can now say that Sen. Estrada did in his privilege speech is wasting the time of the legislative body from doing their usual task and wasting the time of the people, hearing his lady rants.

If you are really innocent, Sen. Estrada, why point fingers and sling mud to your fellow legislators? Are you aware that you are also digging a deeper grave for the tarnished reputation of the Congress and all of the Philippine government? Instead of clearing your name, you maybe actually implicating yourself more.

2. If we will test his credibility, in my opinion, he is one of the least credible senators in the country. To think that he may have mentioned Senator Santiago’s name as one of the people who received the 50 million peso bribe, I’d rather believe in Senator Santiago than him. Don’t ever forget that he is also accused of plunder way back then.

3. Sen. Estrada, well, for me, does not deserve being called a Senator. End of story.

So folks, you know that another senatorial melodrama is unfolding in the legislative halls. I’d wish that these senators would focus more on doing legislation rather than trying their talents, if any,  in creating award winning acting scripts.

And to Sen. Estrada, I think selective memory, the epic failure of forgive and forget of Filipinos is even a bigger injustice. Mantakin mo, nakasuhan ka na ng plunder dati, naging senador ka pa din. Kamusta naman ang credibility, integrity and honor mo tsong? Nek nek mo.



2 thoughts on “Senatorial Melodrama

  1. If I will point a finger for him or any Filipino politician now, I WILL POINT IT TO HIS VOTERS!!! It all boils down to those who allowed themselves to be mislead by these crappy people in our society.

    • The problem is voters education. As long as there will be people who are ignorant with the dynamics of dirty politics, there will be always voters who will vote for these shitheads.

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