On Suspensions, Plagiarism and Never Ending Corruption

On Suspensions:

In the news, we are hearing that there will be no classes in most cities of NCR by tomorrow to give way to a medical mission to be conducted by the INC (Iglesia ni Cristo). Then on Tuesday, it will be still no classes, this time, for the rest of the country because of the celebration of the Muslim Eid il Adha.

The freedom to hold activities and exercise them in relation to our religious beliefs is mandated in our Bill of Rights. I do recognize the different religions existing in our country. But I have reservations with this medical mission suspension.

Why? It is my first time to hear such. Second, the event is scheduled on a Monday where all of the metro is trying to inch their way in the traffic in order to go to their work and schools. So we can imagine the possible traffic chaos this event might bring. Third, the school calendar has suffered a lot of suspensions which is already a nuisance to teachers trying to catch up with their lectures and exams. And lastly, there are other venues or provinces that may need more of that medical attention that NCR.

I can’t help but think that there might be a part of patronage politics that exists in our country. We are all aware of the political endorsements that the INC made during the previous elections. The politicians scramble to get an endorsement from the INC which could help boost their chances of being elected. INC also is known for its block voting practices.

Anyway, I dont know what will be the turnout of this particular event. I know that its also good to help people. But I can’t help but think that there is a plausible socio-political agenda involved here.



On Plagiarism

I have read in the news also that Mark Joseph Solis has been investigated by the UP Fact Finding team pertaining to his serial and serious case of plagiarism. From what I have read (correct me if I am wrong), that the Fact Finding team have found out that Solis has been plagiarizing since he was in the UP undergrad and has done it multiple times – take note, 7 times.

UP has yet to impose sanctions on the serial plagiarizer in which his acts have already tarnished the UP image.

And I don’t think that his poverty excuse will work on this one. For all we know, UP is one of the most prestigious academic institution in this country and committing plagiarism which could tarnish its reputation is a mortal sin, if not a heinous crime.



Never ending corruption:

Its like a song from an 80s movie. Corruption here in the Philippines have never seen an ending. After the PDAF issue, now here comes the DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) wherein 6 senators have been mentioned to have sent letters to the Senate President pertaining to projects of their own liking.

There have been mass movements to push the government to abolish the pork barrel and get on filing plunder cases to those who have used the system for their selfish gain.

But then again, the problem with the politics here is that they are only drummed up so loud in the first phase and then after it winds down. Ningas kugon. Add to the fact that with a lot of issues and mediocre topics that bombard our consciousness everyday,

I just hope that the government should clean up their act on this one, or else.





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