Tacloban City: Images of Decimation

I have been reading articles sprawled all over the net, pertaining to the damages brought by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and I came across from this one abc.net.au. You may click the link here and toggle the slider to see the before and after images of Tacloban City.

I also came across a storm comparison between Haiyan and other storms in recent memory. In terms of power, its Haiyan who holds the devious title.


CNN news anchor, Anderson Cooper is now in the field (Tacloban City) and could not help but be saddened by what he is seeing right now in the decimated city. In fact, comparing the CNN reporting to the local news reporting, they are more blatant in criticizing the Aquino government in terms of their fucking slow disaster response. Its day 5 folks, people are getting more desperate as they go on for days without food and water. Damn it.

Anyway, for people who wanted to make their donations, better donate directly to Philippine Red Cross. Google their website and find out how can you send your help.



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